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Start Date: 11/12/12 (Aged 15)

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Gallery: Tadcaster Albion 4-0 Droylsden (24/02/18)


Aaron Hardy battles a Droylsden player for the ball.

Casey Stewart looks to cut inside from the left.

Stewart again brings the ball forward.

Pete Davidson works hard to get past a Droylsden player...

...But the referee ultimately deems the move to be a foul.

Aiden Savory looks to bring the ball down for Taddy.

Not the best picture (to say the least), but Josh Barrett opens the scoring for Tadcaster with a header from close-range (1-0).

The home side celebrate the first goal of the afternoon (1-0).


Josh Barrett doubles the lead for Tadcaster, scoring his second goal in a MOTM performance (2-0). **Fairly typical that my camera lost focus just as he went to hit the ball.

Barrett wheels away in celebration... (2-0).

...And his teammates soon join him by the corner flag (2-0).

Droylsden's 'keeper rushes out to claim the ball from Stewart.

A Droylsden player heads back to defend a corner.

Chris Howarth of Tadcaster Albion.

Howarth carries play forward, and is soon brought down just outside the box.

From the resulting free-kick, Billy Whitehouse steps up and scores with a stunning effort (3-0).
**Once again, this shot is out of focus. You can probably tell by now that the auto-focusing system on my camera is naff.

Despite the best efforts of a Droylsden defender to bring Harry Sheppeard down...

...The Taddy defender continues his run into the box...

...Before whipping a ball towards Chris Howarth...

...Who duly hits home to compound the opposition's misery (4-0).

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gallery: Worksop Town 5-0 Staveley Miners Welfare (17/02/18)


Connor Higginson of Worksop Town.

Jack Holden sends the ball forward for the Tigers.

A Staveley player wins the ball with a solid challenge.

Mitch Husbands shields the ball from the opposition.

Alec Denton opens the scoring for the hosts in the 25th minute (1-0).

The striker celebrates his goal.

He's soon joined by some of his teammates...

...Before most of the team join in as well.

Staveley look to hold possession in their own half.

The Tigers double their lead through Igor Mlynarski (2-0).

The team celebrate the goal together.

The home side celebrate their third, and Mlynarski's second goal of the game on the stroke of half-time (3-0). 


A Staveley defender slides into a challenge.

Mitch Husbands of Worksop Town.

Staveley battle to keep the score down in the second-half.

Mlynarski looks to start another Worksop attack...

...And the Tigers soon have their fourth goal through Jack Holden (4-0).

Husbands leads another Worksop attack.

Charlie Baird celebrates scoring Worksop's fifth after a great individual move (5-0).

Monday, 5 February 2018

Gallery: Worksop Town 3-0 Clipstone FC (03/02/2018)

 The Tigers immediately start the game on the front foot.

 Numerous attacks come from the left for Worksop.

 Mitch Husbands looks to control the ball in the box.

 The home side push hard in the early stages.

 The Worksop players celebrate Mitch Husbands' opening goal (1/2).

 The Worksop players celebrate the opening goal (2/2).

 Charlie Baird scores Worksop's second goal in quick succession, 2-0.

 The players celebrate doubling the lead.

 Play is driven forward.

 A Clipstone player attempts a flying challenge...

 ...But the Worksop player comes away unscathed...

 ...Before eventually being upended just outside the box.

 Lee Hill of Worksop Town.

 The home side again bring the ball into Clipstone's half.

 Clipstone regain possession.

 A hard-fought battle in the centre of the park.

 A last ditch block sends a Worksop shot out for a corner.

 An acrobatic challenge.

 Man-of-the-match Jack Holden charges across Clipstone's midfield.

 The home side push hard for a third goal at the start of the second-half.

 Clipstone look to clear the danger.

Conditions worsen as the second-half goes on.